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Have something to talk about? Any worries troubling you or any exciting news you can't wait to share? An attentive Diary writer? Self-explorer? or just want to relax yourself?

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What We Do ?

Chat Anonymously

User-To-Listener Chats with Trained individuals without the need of revealing your Identity for FREE.

Smart Diary

Write in how your day was and let our system analyse it for your Emotion, Mood, and Stress levels.

Personality Analysis

Give us a chance to know you better, only a handwriting sample or choice of colors would suffice.

Elevating Content

We've set out on a goal to make you SMILE, have a look at content created for your different moods.

Products for You

We care about you, so have a look at our mental wellbeing products, developed just for you.

Our Experts

We appreciate your courage to be able to seek professional help, don't worry, we'll make it easy.


Why Choose Us

We aspire to prioritize the emotional well being in day to day life. And we provide the same, through our application that supports a secure and an open chat platform, where an individual can openly convey their tangled thoughts and entrapped emotions.







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Walk With Us!

Self Experience is the best teacher of all. We started with a simple idea, where people could openly talk about their feelings without any fead of judgement or vulnerability.

Deep diving in to the Human Psychology, we understood the roots of the globally persistent yet ignored problem statment and decided to do something about it. 2 years and 3 iterations later; Here We Are.

Easy Interface

Emotionally Intelligent Bot

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